Life Groups

Life groups are the backbone of GraceLife’s discipleship process. We have created a life group system - rather than Sunday school or classes that cover the things you need in order to grow and mature as a Christian. If you are not in a life group, you are probably missing out on a key piece of your growth. We have three categories of life groups. Each one serves a unique purpose.


  • GROW PATH - these are core groups designed to help you grow in specific areas of life.  Due to the length of the summer cycle, the Grow Path groups only meet during the fall and winter/spring cycle.  The Growth Path Groups are: GROW - SPIRIT LIFE, GROW - MARRIAGE, GROW - FINANCE and GROW - FAMILY
  • TARGET GROUPS -  these are designed for a specific group of people such as youth, singles, men and women. They meet for fellowship and teaching that is designed for issues that relate uniquely to each group.
  • ANYTHING GOES - the title about sums it up.  This is for any other type of group that may interest you in your personal growth and help you develop real friends.


Listen to Pastor Jimmy Currence explain why we do Life Groups

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